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Our service centres can carry out commissioning and start-up services for complex applications where ventilation units are installed together with cooling machines. Furthermore, our customer service can provide regular checks and review of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment achieving long term failure-free operation. Our customers can confide in quick and effective support and advice provided by our service technicians’ team at any time.

Addresses for service centres in the Czech Republic

Prague: Vražská 143, Prague 5

Karvina: U bažantnice 1462, Karvina



Phone: +420 251 088 988

Main activities of the service department

  • Review of AHUs before start-up including operation tests
  • Roof assembling for outdoor design of air handling units (only for Czech market)
  • Installation of non-standard parts into air-handling unit chambers
  • Service works associated with conversion of AHUs operation in winter and summer season
  • Replacement of filter cartridges and environmentally friendly disposal of the used filter cartridges
  • Active carbon cartridges recovery
  • Balancing and fine tune-up of AHU’s system operation (filtration, air extract etc.)
  • Increasing or decreasing of air volume according client’s requirements by transmissions, motor or fan substitution
  • Assembly of AHUs chambers and their connection to the air ducts.
  • Overhauling of worn-out fans and AHUs
  • Spare parts delivery (filter cartridges, belts, exchangers, parts for worn-out AHUs and fans, etc.)

Regular maintenance of AHUs

The product review

  • Is to be performed every three months
  • The following is mainly reviewed: inside surface cleanliness, in particular the impeller, bearings’ condition check, the smooth operation of the motor and bearings, the condition of the coating paint, the functionality of main parts, sealing conditions.

Check of unit under operation

  • The check of a unit under operation is aimed to monitor proper function and operation of all chambers of the unit, tightness of connections and fixing of panels, the temperature of active liquids and transported air and the air pressure drop of filters.

Check of the stopped unit

  • Check of condition and tension of V-belt according to the ČSN 02 3109, cleanness of inside surface of fan, in particular the impeller, clogging of filters, smooth operation of dampers, fixation of servomotors.

AHU units

Spare parts for FAN

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