About us

We permanently focus our attention on new trends coming up in the industry. This involves development of pioneering measurement systems, application of technologies ensuring maximum energy efficiency during heat transmission in heat exchangers and related technologies supporting efficient use of energy in industrial cooling systems.

While developing innovative air-conditioning units we always consider environment responsibility and make our products as environmental friendly as possible.

JANKA Engineering s.r.o. ranks among the oldest manufacturers of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment in the world. The company’s roots date back to 1872 when Mr. Jan Janka established his original tinsmith business in Prague. As the business thrived and expanded, the original workshop located just in the city center could not match the needs of the growing business so it moved out to suburban area in Prague - Radotín in 1907. Mr. Janka’s private business was nationalized after the World War II, production portfolio was enhanced and Janka then used to furnish the entire East European block with its ventilation products..

The era following the velvet revolution in 1989 brought about a vibrant period which was full of turning points for the business. JANKA Radotín became a part of multi-national holding Lennox in 1998 to be taken over later on in 2009 by LEEL Electricals Ltd. (formerly known as Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd.) based in New Delhi in India, which is a renowned manufacturer of air-conditioning systems for railway and metro trains applications. Also, the group is well-known worldwide due to production of heat exchangers for heating, ventilation, cooling and air-conditioning equipment. Thanks to the latest acquisition, Janka’s production portfolio has been extended by air-conditioning equipment for railway vehicles.