Key support provided by our customer service:

  • Technical checks of equipment before start-up followed by technical supervision during running tests
  • Installation of top covers on outdoor air-handling units installed within the Czech market
  • Additional installation of non-standard parts in air-handling units’ modules
  • Fine-tuning of ventilation systems set-up at transition periods of year, e.g. winter - summer and vice versa
  • Replacement of filter cassettes and their ecological disposal
  • Regeneration of active carbon cartridges
  • Modifications and tuning-up of ventilations system (filtration, air extraction etc.)
  • Increasing or decreasing of air flow performance according to customer’s requirements achieved by installation of an alternative V-belt drive, electromotor or fan
  • Assembly of air-handling units’ sections and connection to ventilation ductwork

Servis Praha

Vrážská 143
153 01 Praha 5 - Radotín

Petr Kalina
(+420) 602 254 014

Servis Karviná

U Bažatnice 1462
733 01 Karviná

Adam Molinek
(+420) 602 517 573


Jana Suchánková
(+420) 777 478 403

Regular maintenance procedures
on air-handling units

Technical checks

  • Carried out 4x a year
  • Primarily focused on cleanliness of internal surfaces, cleanliness of impeller, check of bearings’ condition, smooth run of electromotor and bearings, condition of painted surfaces, functionality of main parts, technical condition of sealing gaskets

Checks during operation

  • Review of proper function and operation of all sections of air-handling unit, tightness of joints, panels’ fastening, temperature of service fluids and drawn air, pressure drop at air filters

Checks during shut-down

  • Check of technical condition and tensioning of V-belts according to the Czech code ČSN 02 3109, cleanliness of internal surfaces of fan and impeller in particular, filters’ clogging, dampers’ run and fastening of actuators