PremiAir is the most flexible make among our air-handling units offering countless installation variations. It can be adjusted to any specific requirement of a project or client’s wish. Special casing system ensures low energy use, maximum output efficiency and minimum air leakage, which makes the PremiAir air-handling units exceptionally efficient. The products of PremiAir series are suitable in particular for areas with high requirements on indoor air quality such as a variety of office building applications, hotels and production facilities. PremiAir series includes also hygiene models intended for clean areas.




Basic specification:

•             Modular construction offers as many as 32 basic cross-section sizes
•             Height, width and length of the air-handling unit can be modified to meet specific needs of a project
•             Maximum length of a single shipment split is 5,910mm.

Airflow range 0 – 100,000 m3/hour
Unique casing system with prolonged technical life
Optional fitting of control system „BMS JANKA“ directly into the unit


Compact frame unit proposed for airflow range 750 – 6,950m3/hour. This model series has been design for indoor use in both normal environment and areas with explosion risk. The unit is typically implemented in office buildings, retails, hotels and is perfectly suitable for areas with constrained space.


Traditional products planned for miscellaneous applications especially in the office buildings, hotels and production facilities. KLM series include also hygiene models intended for clean areas and non-explosive models intended for areas with explosion risk rating zone 1 and 2.

Basic specification:

  • Modular frame structure covering range of 13 sizes
  • Airflow range 0 – 82,000 m3/hour
  • Easy installation, operation and maintenance